McCain-“Palin” in Comparison to Jorack Obiden

The stage has been set, the showdown is on, and the future of this nation is at stake.

After a summer that featured one of the closest primaries in history, followed immediately by predictable yet bitter partisan name-calling, mudslinging, and accusations, we’ve come to the final stretch.

Last night Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska formally took the stage at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota and accepted the vice-presidential offer from Republican nominee Senator John McCain. Just a week before, Senator Joe Biden, who actually referred to Senator Barack Obama as a “storybook”, accepted Obama’s VP slot. Any good story starts with good characters. And if the candidate biographies are any indication, the 2008 election is shaping up to be one hell of a story.

Over the next few months we will take a look at the election. We will examine how it will affect issues of education, its reflection of our nation’s trajectory, and even potential points for discussion in our own classrooms.

But lets face it, while we would like to remain as non-partisan as we can, it’s impossible. No media outlet is 100% partisan. But therein lies the beauty of this space: with the ability to respond to posts, this arena becomes opened to the public. And public discourse is ultimately what we want, and really what makes this nation a better place. Whether we’re partisan or not shouldn’t necessarily change your mind, nor your thoughts. And it’s these thoughts, whether aligned with ours or not, that we want to hear.

See something interesting in the news you want to discuss? Or see something on the ULOT that makes you upset or elated? Let us know; after all, that’s how democracy works.

–Eugene Lee


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