Hip-Hop Flip-Flop Hypocrisy

This clip one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while. The lengths politicians and commentators will go to trip over themselves to make their point is something that always amazes me.

Case and Point:

McCain side (Before Palin): Experience is crucial. We need someone who has the proven track record they can lead from day one. The executive office is not the place for on the job training. And an underage pregnant teen daughter is a sign of terrible parenting. And if a woman is running for office she needs to understand she will face very tough criticism, just as men running for office do.

McCain side (After Palin): Experience is not that important. Look at the judgment in her short time in office. She has shown she has the judgment in both her personal and professional life to be an effective leader. And an underage pregnant teen daughter is a personal matter and a sign of responsibility because she is keeping the baby. And the criticism is a media conspiracy to keep a woman out of the executive office.

That’s not to say I haven’t heard the same from the Obama side.

Obama side (Before Palin/Biden): Judgment is the key factor. We need an outsider who has not been influenced by the Washington politics of special interests. The only way we can change Washington is with new and fresh ideas.

Obama side (After Palin/Biden): Experience is crucial. There needs to be somebody who is ready to step in and lead on day one. We can be a heartbeat away from a new President so it is critical the Vice-President has the experience and track record to show they are ready to immediately become President. If we don’t have a long voting/working record how can we know how someone will lead or if the person is even fit to lead?

I think what bothers me more than the hypocrisy to fit one’s needs is what appears to be the laziness of the media to point things like this out. They have all these people on tape; why can’t they actually call someone out who is going back on what they’ve said? Stop reporting what the campaigns hand to you and actually report some facts. When Obama says he has always believed in the individual right to bear arms and the D.C. handgun ban was unconstitutional, how about you point out the fact he supported an almost identical handgun ban in Chicago (how an individual can own a hand gun when they are totally banned is beyond me)?

When McCain said he opposes overturning Roe v. Wade because it would lead to women undergoing dangerous illegal abortions and now claims he meant that was in the context of changing the culture of America on abortion and now he favors overturning Roe. You said this in 1999, has the “culture of America” changed so much that you now “hope” that women would not undergo such a dangerous procedure? Why not ask him that when he blatantly contradicts himself?

When Palin claims she said “thanks, but no thanks” to the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, why not point out that when she was mayor she wanted and advocated for it and only reversed when the cost ballooned and it became a national embarrassment? When Palin claims she put the state jet on eBay because it was wasteful and McCain says that it sold on eBay for a profit too, do some reporting and tell people that while it was put on eBay it was pulled off because it was not selling and they sold the $2.7 million dollar jet privately for $2.1 million (do some math, not a profit).

Hey media, please report these stories with the correct facts, as you should. Don’t bury the truth in some link on your website. I can understand not having the facts at first and taking the person at face value, but once you do some investigating, report the facts as they are, and call the person out. When you fail to do this, too many people end up accepting the false or biased view as fact. Your job is to report the facts, not regurgitate what someone with a clear agenda told you. If I wanted the unedited views of the campaigns, I would go to their websites and read the press releases. What we expect from the media is an unbiased reporting of the facts and for too long we have not been getting it. What’s sad at this point is that we are dependent on a guy whose lead in, as he likes to point out, is a show that features puppets making crank phone calls.

–M. Night Crawler

(Editors Note: Daily Show aside, this might help the undecided voter truly evaluate the issues at hand)


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