Things Heard Round the Classroom…

Heard around the classroom over the past week.

“I’m going to take your vagina, put it in a pickle jar, and sell it on E-bay to the highest bidder.”

Vomit. Not an actually comment, but imagine the sound of vomit, and you get the drift on what one teacher experienced in the first week.

“Can we plan your wedding?”

“I want to be Obama’s wife.”

“When you die I’m going to make a weave out of your hair.”

(In the Teacher’s Lounge): “Welcome to the Suck.”

Keep submitting comments as the year goes on. As students get more comfortable the ridiculous level will rise in what we hear. And teacher comments will work too, because they can be just as funny.


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One response to “Things Heard Round the Classroom…

  1. christina (crazy)

    “i want to get cremated and put my ashes in an etch-a-sketch”

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