Day 7 AIM: How do we effectively manage our classrooms?

Do Now: Show your class who is boss early on and you won’t have problems in the future. Students talk a mean talk, and they often blabber about “respect”. Well, if you want to earn respect, you have to first have it for yourself. Don’t discuss the rules with your students. Remember, they’re the student, there should be no discussion. Sometimes students say they don’t care about failing your class. Often times they’re bluffing, but sometimes you get one of those select few miscreants who truly do not care about your class. How do you deal with them? Obviously, the student is not invested in your class policies or their academic progress, but remember that all students—all 100% of them—are invested in their personal pride. Public degredation always helps with those trouble makers who insist on being asses. Expose the behavior for everyone to see and you’ll provide yet another valuable life lesson to your students: that it doesn’t pay to be a repugnant little shit.


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