Bold Predictions

With two weeks now in the books, we’re still one week away from the initial release of the conference rankings. While the rankings aren’t released yet, we have some clues as to who might be up and who might be down. We’ve heard a lot about how the ACC has struggled early on in its nonconference slate—and it has. The ACC was one Wake Forest field goal away from completely bottoming out. Luckily for the much-maligned conference their highest ranked team managed a last-second field goal to beat last year’s last place SEC team Mississippi—at home.

But like I said, we’ve heard a lot about the ACC. However they aren’t the only conference struggling. You get a sticker if you can name one decent game the Big East has won. West Virginia getting blown out by ECU won’t help matters. Nor will Louisville getting waxed by Kentucky. I won’t even mention Pitt getting knocked off by Bowling Green or Syracuse getting smoked (yes, smoked) by Akron. Then there’s UConn’s narrow escape of Temple and South Florida’s overtime win over UCF. Follow all that up with Rutgers getting handled at home by Fresno State and, well, I don’t want to give anything away for the unveiling of the rankings next week, but I think you can see where I’m going here, and it isn’t good for the Big East.

And of course, even though the national media is, as always, very hesitant to call them out, the Big 10 has yet to impress anyone outside of Ohio. The preseason favorite for top conference, the SEC, certainly hasn’t gone unscathed either with Mississippi State and Tennessee each getting upset on the road and Arkansas narrowly escaping disaster—twice. The Big XII has had its share of ups and downs so far, but overall it is shaping up to be a competitive conference. Look out for the Pac-10 to continue its solid performance as well and, along with the Big XII, give the SEC a run for its money. Remember, the first weekly conference rankings will be released next week.

Now, for some predictions…

-Ohio State will win the Big 10 (surprise, surprise), but will not play in the BCS title game because hopefully USC will expose them before January rolls around this year

-Florida State will win the ACC and finish in the top 10

-no one will care who wins the Big East

-no one in the SEC will go undefeated

-Charlie Weis will be fired

-so will fellow overweight sensation Philip Fulmer

-however Kansas coach Mark Mangino will prove he is worth every pound once again and no one will give him credit

-ECU will play in a BCS bowl

-Notre Dame will then hire Skip Holtz

-Notre Dame fans will still not admit that high school teams in Texas have more talented opponents than Notre Dame does year in and year out

-someone will be killed at the Alabama-Auburn game

-failing to have learned their lesson, millions of Americans will once again tune in to the Ohio State-Michigan game

-they should be watching the Florida-Florida State game, because this one’s going to be good

-so will Okahoma-Texas

-and Florida-Georgia

-Joe Paterno will announce he will return to coach Penn State next year, even if he dies in the offseason

-Tim Tebow will not win the Heisman

-the current system will again fail to fairly pick a true national champion, further illustrating the need for my proposal

–Matt Dover

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