The Buddy Guy Chronicles 2: Buddy Guy Tells You to Go to Joshua Tree

Hi, my name is Buddy Guy and I’ve been to a lot of bars. On a late summer Saturday night, I took the suggestion of a friend and decided to head down Third Avenue to check out the area with some friends. As I was walked down the neon lit street I peeked my head into a random bar. And that is when I saw IT. On EVERY single screen at the bar I saw none other than George Michaels dancing in a music video. As if hitting a brick wall, I stopped and blurted to anyone within earshot—because everyone needed to know—that “we are going HERE!”

But we entered with caution. As we walked in, I was expected to see people with acid washed jeans and “Choose Life” shirts. I was wrong. I saw a lot of striped shirts and guys ordering Jagerbombs. This did not please me initially but I was won over for life when I the next video that came on was by Eddie Money.

Nestled in the up and coming neighborhood of Murray Hill, Joshua Tree (34th and Third Ave) provides thrills for all generations. From the moment you walk into Joshua Tree you become fully engulfed by 80’s music. In fact, at Joshua Tree, it’s hard to escape 80’s music. With a dozen or so tv screens (including two ginormous one’s in the back) playing music videos from artists such as Tiffany and Rick Springfield, Joshua Tree will have you dancing on the ceiling.

The innocent view from the daytime

Joshua Tree is your typical Murray Hill bar/restaurant. During the afternoon and early evening Joshua Tree serves up specialties such as 1 ¼ lobster for only $11.95. I’ve never been there for dinner, but if I had to guess I’d say that the food is slightly above average but nothing to write home about. As night time settles on the city, Joshua Tree is transformed into a bar/shit show. I’ll conduct my review in categories:

Music: The music is simply amazing. If you don’t like a sweet mix of NKOTB and hair bands then go home, hippie! Actually, the best part of the whole experience is that all the music is accompanied by the actual music video. Nothing gets me pumped up more than seeing Bruce Springsteen serenade Courteney Cox.

Score: 10 out of 10

Décor: Who cares about décor? Get me a beer.

Score: Beer 1 Blog 0

Drink Selection: The beer selection is solid. With 17 beers on tap you’ll never get bored. They also have a good selection of bottled beer. If you want the true Buddy Guy experience I suggest you order a Miller Lite (it’s the most American.) As for mixed drinks, they have a fully stocked bar with plenty of wells for the teacher and top shelf for the bankers.

Score: 8 out of 10

Clientele Attractiveness: One of the few drawbacks (and possibly a huge drawback) is that Joshua Tree does not attract the highest quality females around. The male to female ratio is very high and the females that are there aren’t exactly pin-ups.

Score: 4 out of 10

Atmosphere/Fun Factor: There are a few pro’s and con’s in this category. The biggest problem with this bar is that the dance floor is too small. When your musical selection may lead people to flail their arms aimlessly, you might want to think of providing them with more space. The bar is nearly always packed, especially on a Saturday night. This may be a turn off to some. To me, it just means that I’ll have much more chances to make friends with the people fist pumping with me to Journey.

Score: 7 out of 10

Overall: Joshua Tree is one of my two or three favorite bars in the city. If you aren’t looking to pick up a member of the opposite sex and you are looking to have an amazing time jamming out to the likes of Rick Astley and Paula Abdul then I absolutely suggest that you take the trip to Joshua Tree. If it’s good enough for Buddy Guy, then it’s good enough for you.

Score: 8.5 out of 10

–Buddy Guy

As an added bonus, Buddy Guy and the rest of the ULOT guys will actually be going out to Joshua Tree tonight. Come join us!


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