Day 10 AIM: What should teachers eat for lunch?

Do Now: Find a mid-day meal that will both satiate your hunger and provide the nutrients and sustinance to fuel the educational android that is you. Food pyramid notwithstanding, teachers must consider additional dietary factors when chosing their lunches. For example, a carb-heavy lunch will result in a lethargic and possible sleep-induced afternoon. Also consider that a lunch heavy in protein could result in gastronomical issues that could be difficult to deal with if you are having a poetry reading in your 6th period class. We here at the ULOT highly encourage sandwiches because of their obvious pragmatic characteristics, as well as their balance in nutrition. What kind of sandwich is ultimately up to you, but remember that sandwich type is indicative of personality type. And if so, then those of you who instinctually pick fluffer nutter sandwiches really need to consider the possibility that teaching in the inner-city is probably not the right career choice.


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