Day 13 AIM: How should I use my prep periods?

Do Now: Do something unique with the time given to you. Anyone can use the time to grade or create motivational posters. But you, on the other hand, aren’t just anyone: you’re unique, the teacher that evokes the Dead Poets’ Society Carpe Diem spirit that would make Robin Williams cry. Consider the hundreds of things you could do with a prep-period, some stationary, and an internet connection. Try making a wall of faces, a collage of celebrity portraits arranged in no particular order. Or you could build an efficient tracking system involving an intricate system of stickers, because in actuality it’s sad how far any student in K-12 education will bend over for a sticker. Or, you could just put your head down in your department office, if for only a moment, because it’s your time and everyone needs their rest. In the end, you could be the next Mr. Keating standing on his desk, but unless you’re well-rested and cognizent, you’d nothing more than another tired and short-tempered ass-hole teacher.


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