Day 14 AIM: How should I dress on Friday?

Do Now: Go against the grain and dress-up on Friday. Most teachers consider Friday to be “casual” and dress-down accordingly. But you, Mr. or Ms. go-getter, aren’t just most teachers. You’re unique, and you not only demand the most out of your students, but yourself as well. So leave the graphic-tee shirt and acid-washed jeans at home, even though said articles of clothing could actually build a closer connection with your younger students than formal attire. In fact, try the opposite. Got a pin-striped suit? Put it on. Matching suit vest. Even better. In the end, it’s about keeping your students on their toes, because we at the ULOT have found that only when there’s the perception of unpredictability do students consistently learn.


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  1. On Fridays, the entire faculty comes to school in the same uniforms that our students wear. It’s hilarious whenever I get mistaken for a student (and I often do :).

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