Day 15 AIM: How do I make the most out of teacher perks?

Do Now: Take the Starbucks Free Coffee challenge. Last week we told you about the free coffee promotion at Starbucks, where a teacher ID gets you a tall Pike’s Roast (or iced coffee, as we discovered). Well, we’ve got two more Mondays to go, which means that you have two more chances to play the Starbucks Free Coffee challenge! Being as most of us live in Manhattan, we are afforded a genuine opportunity to take advantage of Howard Schultz’s charity because there’s usually a Starbucks location every 1.5 city blocks. And because Starbucks lacks the infrastructure to track every single teacher in America, the end result is free coffees, not coffee, by simply jumping from store to store. Last week, the ULOT record was four free cups of coffee consumed by a teacher over the course of a day. We here at the ULOT like to set the bar low, mostly because we like surprises rather than disappointments. But our challenge to you, loyal readers, is to try and beat that score. Enjoy your coffee, have a good Monday, and be sure to tell us later about your caffeine-induced adventures.


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