Day 17 AIM: How should I properly greet my students?

Do Now: Stand in the doorway of your classroom during the passing period. Observe the packs of students congregating within the immediate viscinity of their respective classrooms. Apparently it’s cool these days to hang out right outside of your classroom, not in the hallways, bathrooms, or—God forbid—in the classroom itself. But that’s OK because you’re a master teacher. Just stare at your respective students with that well-honed teacher stare of yours. And when they finally acknowledge your presence, remind them in as few words as possible that attendance is a part of their grade. Then, as they slowly slink into your room, offer them a fist-pound, a necessary but admittedly lousy consolation prize for what you can only assume was an otherwise fruitful but interrupted dialectic about sidekicks or the new Jonas Brothers CD.


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