Day 19 AIM: How can I adequately stay hydrated through the day?

Do Now: Find a dependable and plentiful supply of water. Yes, I know you teach in the South Bronx, and yes, I know the faucets—even in the faculty bathroom—are best described as mad grimy. But you don’t have a choice. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue among school-teachers. Considering that 60% of your body weight is water, you should always replenish the fluids you lose through the sweat and tears of the classroom. So get over it. Bring your nalgene bottle to school and fill it up in the faucet. Remember you can’t get lead poisoning unless you consume an astronomical amount of tap water. And don’t forget, you’re not here to drink sparkling water with a hint of lime out of a chilled glass through a straw. You’re here to teach in the inner-city. You’re here because you’re troubled by social inequity and the injustices of the broken educational policies of the inner-city. So please, suck it up. You’re here for the kids, so if they have to drink that shit, you probably should too.

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