Day 21 AIM: How can I simultaneously teach and prepare for a major grad-school entrance examination?

Do Now: Master the art of multitasking. This means balancing out your obligations to your school and students and dedicating enough time to your test preparation. But a major part of multitasking is making sacrifices in your obviously glamorous and eventful life. What does this mean? If success means taking practice tests at night, then do yourself a favor and cut Gossip Girl out for a few weeks and take those damn tests. If you need to concentrate, find a quiet, comfortable space. Don’t bring your GMAT book to the Gin Mill for happy hour. And under no circumstances, at all, is it humanly possible to study with a computer with Facebook on next to you. With all the reading comprehension practice you’ve been doing, pokes, tagged photos, and status updates are just distractions. In fact, for you LSATers, here’s the point in the form of a Logical Reasoning question:

1) Evan has three emails he has to send tonight. He also has papers to grade for class tomorrow. But Evan cannot grade his papers until he writes his emails, and he cannot write his emails until he’s done checking status updates on Facebook. Therefore, Evan will not grade for his class tomorrow.

The conclusion drawn above follows logically if which of the following is assumed.

(A) Evan’s emails will take longer than the time needed to grade papers in an evening

(B) Given the time-frame of an evening, Evan does not have enough time to accomplish all of his goals

(C) Evan does not want to grade his class homework

(D) Even if Evan wanted to finish all of his work tonight, 227 of his friends have status updates and he wants to read and laugh at/ponder every single one

(E) Gossip Girl is on at 9pm


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