Day 24 Aim: How do I deal with my cabin fever while teaching?

Do Now: Embrace your crazy. Each and every one of us have things that make us uniquely insane. Some people feel the need to utilize logic and rhetoric to shame others into feeling silly. Some people just get outbursts of randomness during the day and tend towards ridiculous and borderline inappropriate behavior. Others may get embarrassingly excited when a new supreme court decision comes down. These things that make us uniquely insane also make us uniquely awesome as teachers. The teacher who uses logic to shame others can capitalize on teachable moments and enjoy disciplining the lackadaisical student. The teacher who gets outbursts of randomness can find creative ways to simultaneously entertain and control students who might otherwise be uncontrollable. The teacher who brings their nerdiness to school can help invest students in a topic that might otherwise bore them to tears. The bottom line is that we have entered a difficult career. If we aren’t having fun with our job, I can gaurantee you that our students aren’t having fun either. So bring your crazy to school today, and see what fun you can stir up in the classroom for yourself and your students.


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