The Buddy Guy Chronicles 5: Happy Hour at Turtle Bay

Buddy Guy as well as the Teach for America Corps Council is cordially inviting the readers of this blog to a Happy Hour this Friday, October 10th and Turtle Bay from 6-8 pm as part of the new mentor program. Turtle Bay is located at 52nd and Second Avenue. From 6-8 you can have the normal drink deals, but Buddy Guy HIGHLY suggests the Teach for America special $20 wristband. For $20 you will get unlimited domestic drafts, wine, and wells drinks from 6-8. Yes, Buddy Guy just mentioned unlimited drinks. I suggest the following tips for maximizing your two hours at Turtle Bay:

Double-fisting– The principle is simple: two is always better than one (unless you’re referring to the Republican Presidential ticket.) This will probably be the most widely used system. Bars tend to be crowded during happy hours so double-fisting is perfect for the lazy Joe six-pack out there. My personal preference is to hold Miller Lite in the right hand and wells drink in the left hand (it’s the best of both worlds.)

Note: Some bars only allow patrons to get one drink at a time. To combat this I suggest wrapping one of your arms all the way around the person next to you as a way to confuse the bartender into thinking it’s a completely different person asking for the beer. Here is a picture to help out you visual learners out there:

Throwing your voice also helps.

Throwing your voice also helps.

The Bartender Switch– Usually there are two bartenders at each bar. To maximize your efforts during your two hour shit-show at happy hour, I suggest ordering a drink from one bartender and then doing the same thing at the other end of the bar with the other bartender. Repeat this process until they catch on. If they do catch on, call them dummies. They’ll love that.

The Backwards Hat/Drawn on mustache– You must make an attempt to disguise yourself so that you can get as much drinks as possible. Buddy Guy suggests bringing accessories with you to wear at various times to throw off the bartender as to your true identity. My personal favorite is the ole cross-dress trick. 60% of the time it works every time.

With some practice you’ll learn how to make the most of your two hours at the bar. Don’t forget, you’re first opportunity is to come out Turtle Bay on Friday from 6-8. Make sure to mention Teach for America at the door to get your $20 wrist band of awesomeness. I hope to see y’all there!

–Buddy Guy


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