Day 32 AIM: How do I recover after a terrible day?

Do Now: Prepare yourself ahead of time for days where the proverbial shit meets the fan. In teaching, the odds dictate that every so often the perfect storm of events will occur that will make your life a living hell. On those days, try to get out of the school as quickly as possible. Find mundane tasks that you can complete that will give you a sense of accomplishment. This ULOT writer is thinking of taking up woodworking and home brewing to relieve stress. Discover your own best ways to de-stress and make time for them that day. Do you need to take a long bath complete with candles and a glass of wine? Get familiar with your local wine shop so that you can pop in and go directly to your favorite bottle of Pinot Noir. Finally, plan something fun for yourself in the near future. Having something concrete to look forward to makes getting through the long haul much easier. Finally, have a short term memory. Students often don’t remember the previous days lesson. And on days like today, this selective memory can be beneficial.


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