Day 37 AIM: Which newspaper best serves the needs of teachers?

Do Now: You know the value of current events and understand the value of using articles in the classroom. But you are frusted with those uber-academic articles from the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Now you’re faced with a dilemma, for on one hand you’ve got the best information in the nation, written by the best writers and reporters, in the most thorough manner, and on the other you’ve got outwardly simplistic pieces of rather inconsequential actions, biased in most respects, bogus in others. This might be true, but catch yourself, for you’re thinking like a college-educated adult and not a teacher in the inner-city. Sure, the Times has a great editorial board, but what’s the point for a classroom if the language is beyond the students. Listen George Will, do yourself a favor and grab an AM New York or the Daily News on the way to work. Read it on the subway. Sure, it’s tacky in its own right, but it’s accessible, and that’s the key to a good classroom read.


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