Day 44 AIM: How do I respond to the student who says he/she does not respect me?

Do Now: Students only resort to this tactic when they know that they are in the wrong. Therefore, you have the little buggers right where you want them. Remember, students want respect from you as well, but don’t realize that they have to earn it. So when a student claims to have no respect for you, ask what they have done to attempt to earn your respect. Point out that most trained circus animals have the ability to perform the simple tasks you ask them to do and that those animals would receive more of your respect than the student who doesn’t know the three tasks to complete when they come in late. At this point, demand perfection from that student every day in class. When they are not perfect, unleash hell upon them until they have no choice but to respect you in the classroom. Machiavelli stated it best when he asked  if it would be better to be loved or feared. I’d prefer both, but if I have to choose one, I choose fear. Become the villain for the sake of everyone else in the classroom.


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