Day 46 AIM: How do I make the school year seem shorter?

Do Now: First of all, forget about November. It’s over. Just start counting the days until you are stuffing your face with Turkey. December? Really, don’t even sweat it as we have that nice break at the end of the month. January quite possibly could be the easiest month. You’ll discover the joys of state tests as you don’t have to plan or teach at all for half the month. February means another week off and vacation with friends. March, well, we hate to break it to you, but March really just sucks. A lot. But then there’s April, which equals a week and a half break from school. May might be tough, but at this point you are just reviewing for state tests by the end of the month. June is a joke. Review, test, shove off into summer. So kids, if you break it down, we really only have two months of real teaching left.


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