Day 48 AIM: How can I maximize the use of multimedia in class?

Do Now: Congratulations! You have your Netflix account and finally got to that point in your queue—right in between The Nanny Diaries and High School Musical 2—where you have several important documentaries you specifically added to your Netflix queue, partly because you’re eager to plan a movie day for your class and partly because you need that justification for your $20 a month Netflix account. But now you’re faced with a challenge, for on one hand movie days are supposed to be lasseiz-faire classes where you observe and introspectively learn, but on the other hand you have to consider that any media has to be coupled with some sort of written activity, whether it be note-taking or a graphic organizer, or else the film becomes nothing more than moving pictures on a smart board. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a lecture by Stephen Hawking on the creation of the universe or an account of Thurgood Marshall’s revolutionary developments of the NAACP. If there’s no organizer for the thoughts of your students, then you might as well show reruns of Punky Brewster, because your kids ain’t going to learn shit either way.

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