Day 52 AIM: How do I deal with the blistering cold?

Do Now: Unless you’re an Eskimo Inuit or you have anti-freeze in your blood, you’re probably starting to realize how fucking cold it can get in this part of the world. Now I’m no science teacher, but I’m starting to realize the dynamics of the planetary orbit and the cycle around the sun, specifically when I cannot feel my fingers in the morning when I wait for the bus. Pluto must be like this, I think to myself as I blow warm air into my blistered fingers, now useless appendages that allow precious heat to escape through vulnerable blood vessels.

We recommend bundling up in layers. A scarf and hat are a good way to keep in precious body-heat. We also recommend gloves, for the aforementioned reason. Finally, a warm shell or overcoat helps keep the core of your body, where your precious teacher-heart remains, warm and dignified. What we don’t recommend is looking at the weather forecast out west in California, where the weekly forecast is predicting sunny skies in the mid-70s with a chance of cloud cover on Thursday.


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