Day 53 AIM: What, exactly, is “gettin’ lite?”

Do Now: Watch the following video and write down three distinct movements/actions of the subjects. Then, free-write a paragraph describing what you witnessed.

What’s fascinating is that in the seemingly chaotic flailing, there’s order and even beauty. Well, maybe not beauty, but definitely order.



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2 responses to “Day 53 AIM: What, exactly, is “gettin’ lite?”

  1. This comes in really handy b/c we’re having a 5 minute dance party tomorrow, and I kid you not…today one of my kids asked me, “We don’t have to play music. We could just make beats, and is it okay if we can just get lite?”

    Haha, now I can bust some impressive moves after having seen this “mad hot” video.

  2. Awww! So glad I found this blog. I kept a similar blog myself (the one I linked to) when I was working up in the Bronx in what they call Aftaschoo’. At one point I wrote a confused little note about a dance called the Crip Walk, and all of a sudden my blog became the #1 hit for the term, garnering about a million comments asking “ey yo where can I learn teh crip walk?”

    And I’ve noticed gettin’ lite all over town too, as I noted in my most recent post. You might be interested in the post I just found on another blog, where a student actually talks about gettin’ lite as a movement:

    Good luck ‘n’ godspeed. And if you need to vent or are looking for lesson materials, check out where I work now:, at Teachers College. We’re always up for showcasing pressing issues, cool student projects, etc.

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