Day 65 AIM: What, exactly, am I supposed to do with my teacher’s choice check?

Do Now: Be happy. If you have direct deposit and you haven’t checked your bank account in a few days, check it again. It should be about $150 bigger. Yes, you have to spend the money on your classroom and yes, they’ll want proof for your purchases, and no, you can’t simply buy anything and say it’s for your classroom (like that sick lava lamp you saw at that head shop in the Village). But you are clever, and you can, how shall we say this…bend the definition of pedagogical necessity. For example, personal needs of the teacher can be met with this money. If you feel like you need inspiration, buy a book from Barnes and Nobles. It doesn’t have to be related to your subject matter. Hell, buy the Chuck Norris political manifesto if you really want. It doesn’t matter: the book is for your own edification, and therefore it’s contents are left to you. So feel like buying a DVD? No problem. Need an i-pod to get you through the long periods of grading. Just save the receipt. Just don’t bend the bar too far. Remember, just like everything else in this screwy system we call the department of education, things tend to break if we bend them too much.


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One response to “Day 65 AIM: What, exactly, am I supposed to do with my teacher’s choice check?

  1. Actually, according to here:
    an iPod is not permissible. (I was really curious about this program, so I looked it up. At my first school, part of a public school system, the PTA gave us all fifty bucks at the start of the year to use however we wanted, the TCC seems to be a more structured [and generous] version)
    The color of this post seems to be a shade of ethical grey. I know teaching, especially in the first few years, is a tough gig and for not a lot of money (ever), but I don’t recommend committing in writing suggestions for “bend[ing] the definition of pedagogical necessity”.

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