Day 70 AIM: What should I do if I’m having a bad hair day?

Do Now: You’re running late and your hair is simply not agreeing with you. It’s sticking up and out and simply will not bend to your will. You are frustrated with the lack of control over your own body (or an appendage, depending on what we define hair as). Well, look Flock of Seagulls, you’re a teacher, and your obligation is to your students and not your mane. So run to school and forget it. Or better yet, use it in your lesson to demonstrate something. If you teach physics, explain that you spend the morning sticking a fork in an electric socket and have your students describe the painful effects on the human body and the frizzed hair. If you’re a history teacher, explain that you’re Albert Einstein, busy thinking of the Theory of Relativity. If you’re an English teacher, you’re Mark Twain, recounting Huck Finn’s journey with Jim down the Mississippi. Either way, your students will be so bored that they probably won’t even notice your hair anymore. And for those who do, tell them you’re not bothered by it. There’s a method to this madness, you say, pointing to your hair as you walk away. And as you do, glance over your shoulder at the now-confused look your student has, wondering if you were referring to the mop on top of your head or the class you are trying to teach.


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