Day 74 AIM: How can I start 2009 with a “bang”?

Do Now: You’re back from a hopefully restful and rewarding break, during which time you saw family and old friends, drank egg nog, popped open champagne on New Years, and definitely did not grade a single piece of student work. Good, except now you feel slightly…rusty. Well, there’s a good remedy for that, and that’s a quiz. Yes, spell it out: “Q”, “U”, “I”, and “Z” spells winter break relief. Seriously. Give your students a short review of the material they had before they left for break. Not only does it give you a few minutes to test your teaching legs, but it also gives you a chance to see how much they retained over break (and how much was lost as a result of excessive Guitar Hero consumption). It could be the difference between pushing on in the curriculum or holding back for review for a few days. Either way, it’ll do your class some good.

Oh, and ignore those groans you get on Monday when you hand out the quiz. That’s just an annoying symptom of Guitar Hero withdrawal.


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