Day 80 AIM: What can I do if I walk into class unprepared?

Do Now:Fuck, you think to yourself, you caught the late bus and now are stuck at 125th Street and class starts in 15 minutes. Those handouts that you made on your computer yesterday are about as valuable as a poop-flavored lollipop. You have to think on your feet, teacher, for you still have eager minds to feed and something has to be done. So walk…no, strut into class like you own the place and write an impossible question on the board. “Why do they put cash values on coupons?” “Why are coins round?” “What, exactly, does ice cream smell like?” Have your students then write a five paragraph essay to respond to said questions, and be sure to save time at the end of class for discussion. After all, haven’t you always wondered why they have cash values on the back of coupons?


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