Russert’s Sermon

I just finished reading Tim Russert’s Big Russ and Me. Amidst the wisdom and reflection from a life full of joy, experience, and insight, I found this quote about education to be quite relevant:

Does this mean that teachers are always right? Of course not. Or that they’re never too harsh? Sometimes they are. But that’s how life goes: sometimes our bosses and supervisors are wrong, or too harsh, and we still have to live by their decisions. Sometimes umpires blow the call, but the call still stands. Teachers are—or should be—figures of authority, and they need to know that parents support them. We love our children, but we do them no favor when we give them the idea, either by word or by deed, that teachers or other adults are not worthy of their respect. End of sermon.

I agree with everything except the end of sermon part. It’s hardly over, and it’s something that more parents should take to heart.

–Eugene Lee

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