Day 88 AIM: How can I maintain my svelte physique during these winter months?

Do Now: Ah, the winter of our discontent. You try to stay in Spring Break shape, but you’re also a mammal. Remember that we’re biologically related to bears, and bears spend most of the autumn eating their fat asses fatter so they can sleep all winter long. And as long as we’d love to spend the month of November eating ice cream and burgers, the hibernating part doesn’t quite work for a teacher, especially with all of those ELA and Regents exams in January. But Darwin be damned, our bodies still seem to adjust to the winter months and we add extra insulation to ourselves, usually in the form of beer or Girl Scout cookies.

So do yourself a favor and join the gym. It’s a great way to tone up, maintain good cardiovascular shape, and help keep those endorphins running in that fragile little brain of yours. Remember, pent-up anger can be the downfall of even the most dedicated teacher. The best way to get rid of stored anger is to lift weights. Hibernating certainly won’t help, and if you need proof, observe bears in the springtime. They’re drowsy, sluggish, chunky, clumsy, and—above all—fucking grumpy.


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