Day 89 AIM: How should I end the semester effectively?

Do Now: Congratulations! You are one day away from the midway point in the year. You’re faced with one last day, one last class, one last moment to truly inspire your students. And let’s be real: your students probably won’t remember 2/3rds of the information presented in your class. They probably don’t even remember what you taught on Friday. But they will remember the last day of class because its, well, the last day of class. So leave them with your Robin Williams moment. Stand at your desk and proclaim their right to their fragile little minds! Pump your fist in the air and stroke their conflagrations of edification. And have them write how they plan on changing the world in front of them. After all, the purpose of education is the nurturing of young minds, not just the aptitude for a said subject. If so, then our last day’s lesson will be a universal one, one that transcends chalk boards, graphing calculators, and lab manuals. And if your poetic wit is restricted by some sort of writers block, then you can always go back to the default carpe diem schpeel.


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