Day 91 AIM:What do I do with Regents Week?

Do Now: Sorry middle school teachers, this one is just for those of us who teach high schoolers and are blessed with the thing we call Regents Week. Basically, you just have to show up to work for the rest of this week. Grading is finished, no lessons to plan, and if a kid misbehaves in class now, they fail a high stakes test. With that in mind, you now have some free time in the afternoons. We here at the ULOT believe in differentiation (outside the classroom), so here is a menu of options:

1) Work on your next Unit plan and a weeks worth of lesson plans so you can chill out a little next week, nerd.

2) Consume alcoholic beverages. Lots of them. Trust me, when you come in to grade the Regents and say, “Damn, I’m hung over”, at least one other teacher will say, “Me too”.

3) Chill out. Read a book, catch a sunset, enjoy the fresh air.

At this point, do what you need to do, even mix and match. Let’s face it, you’ll need it to get through this next semester.


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