Day 94 AIM: How can I start the Spring Semester with a bang?

Do Now: Your nerves are settled, ice runs through your veins. You are cold, calculating, and your teacher-sense tingles when danger approaches. You have a semester under your belt, you’re at the top of the hill, and the only thing you see is down. So take that confidence, shake off that Regents week rust and Super Bowl hang over, and teach your kids until their heads explode. Don’t waste time with a classroom contract, use it as a life lesson. If you teach economics, tie in classroom behavior with cost-benefit analysis. If you are a government teacher, use the principles of altruism and selfishness to examine the class dynamic. Science? Make an experiment based on truant students. English? An ode to the slacker, quoth the master. Either way, you’re setting the tone, so do yourself a favor and shoot for Gran Torino, not Gremlin.


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