Day 96 AIM: How can I win the “best dressed” teacher superlative in the yearbook?

Do Now: Take a moment and consider some very good sartorial advice: you are a teacher, but you don’t have to dress like one. Say goodbye to bland khakis and the sweater vest, that’s so Gabe Kotter. Instead, diversify your wardrobe. Invest in a few good shirts—some solid colors and some stripes—and certainly matching sweaters to go with them. Layers, my friends, will help you through this winter. Remember to color coordinate and to be sure that your stripes match either your sweater or your pants. In addition, a tie can add some color to your ensemble, but be sure that the tie also fits into the plan. Finally, remember that belts and shoes must match, and above all else, if you come out of here with anything, it’s this: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER wear brown shoes with black pants.

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