Day 97 AIM: How do I make sure that my students are continually paying attention?

Do Now: If you have annualized classes, or the same group of kids, by now the routine has been established. Students can enter your room essentially on auto-pilot and get the essential information that they need. As a teacher, you need to keep them on their toes at all times. One way you can do that is by changing up your lesson plans. That would mean a great deal of time an effort, which we here at the ULOT do not recommend. What we do encourage is choosing a single group to randomly disparage in your lessons in order to surprise children and see if they are really paying attention. Canadians or Germans are excellent choices. So when you are talking about the factors of production tommorow, be sure to throw in the phrase “Those stupid Krauts!” or “When was the last time Canada did anything?” into your mini-lesson.


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