Day 105 AIM: How can I tell a student they smell bad?

Do Now: Look, everyone has the smelly kid in class. You know, the little fucker who cannot wash themselves on a regular basis or the kid who thinks that socks are clean if they are “white” and not “worn.” But if classroom management is an important issue, then so is hygiene management. You are a mandated reporter, so remember that a stinky kid is a kid in distress. 

Tact, with a certain amount of forwardness, is what you ultimately need to get your point across. There’s no good way to tell someone they’re dirty, just like there’s no good way to tell someone they have lupus, but the hope is that candor—while biting—can have the affect that we want. Assuming our students aren’t incorrigible, the momentary discomfort should be eventually overtaken by the same gratification that a teacher gets when their students face light up with the realization we all know: deodorant goes a long way, and a shower should be a daily event.


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