Day 106 AIM: What should a teacher give up for Lent?

Do Now: Think about something that you cannot live without. No, not oxygen or water—you need that shit. Think more like non-essentials that have become essential because of your shallow materialism. These should be the targets of your Lent holiday, the things that’ll really get the message of the month across straight. 

For those of you still deciding and wanting a few suggestions, here are a few to consider:

1) Facebook: yes, it might seem rather tacky to give up Facebook, but really, if you think about it, how long have you recently gone without checking Facebook? Right, we know that it’s just pictures and status updates, but come on: when you get that message in your email saying so-and-so tagged 11 pictures of you, that tingling sensation in your brain ticks off. It’s the same one that slows down drivers as they pass by an accident on the road, and you know how intriguing those are.

2) The Microwave: there’s something unsettling about putting cold food into a box that uses nuclear technology to create a warm meal. It’s certainly not home made, and it seems unsettlingly un-American. Go a month by using the stove top, or order a lot of pizza.

3) Beer ScotchTabloid Magazines: these are, in our opinion, the worst vices out there, and they should certainly be given up for at least a month. There are much more interesting things out there than US Weekly. Come on, how many times do you really need to read about Rihanna getting beat up by her fella-ella-ella…

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One response to “Day 106 AIM: What should a teacher give up for Lent?

  1. I’m going to beat on whoever wrote this post. THERE IS NOTHING MORE INTERESTING THAN US WEEKLY.

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