Day 107 AIM: How can I relax this weekend?

Do Now: What a week. Just back from break, still in the midst of winter, and in the longest stretch of the semester. It’s nothing but open ocean for a long time. So take a moment this weekend to enjoy yourself. Do something nice for you. Splurge on something you wouldn’t normally splurge on. Buy a new outfit. Eat something awful for you. Gamble. Fornicate. Consume questionable substances. Stay out late. Watch good tv. Watch bad tv. Don’t watch tv. Read a good book. Read US Weekly. Go to the mall. Go to the Cloisters. Do anything you want. Just please, please, please do not think about school for at least 24 hours. For your sake.


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  1. This stretch is brutal. I call it the gauntlet. 25 days, 5 weeks straight at our district. The sort where you’ve gotta just put your head down and fight on through. Brutal, though. Brutal. Wish everyone out there the best of luck.

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