Day 108 AIM: How do we know if we have a snow day?

2006_02_snowpslopeDo Now: Notice the boat load of snow falling from the sky? Well, winter wonderland images aside, those frosty flakes will eventually become big piles of muddy shit. And that clogs roads, makes streets treacherous, and turns New Yorkers into more disagreeable assholes than before. But the good news is that enough snow and chaos equals a day off. 

Apparently the best way to figure this all out is to turn on the news in the morning. So while you’re sitting at your breakfast table, pay attention to schools that closed. And if your school has been called, put on your snow jacket and head to the park. No, don’t go back to sleep you lazy bastard. You need to use your snow day to the fullest extent possible. After all, what did Ferris Bueller do during his day off? Sleep? No, sleep is for the weak; you, my friend, have snow angels to create.


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