Day 114 AIM: What should I do if my school “springs” metal detectors on the student body?

Do Now: Fear the impact school label. One of these and you’re officially teaching in the hood. Violent, upstarty kids, unruly hall ways. Straight out of Dangerous Minds, yo. So consider the liability issues that are removed (kinda) when the district periodically places metal detectors at the front of school. It’s wonderful, except for the fact that it’ll probably catch 500 cell phones before it gets a dull box cutter. And let’s be real, the thing that bugs you the most about the metal detectors is how they turn your 1st period class into a slow drip of molasses. Students rush to hide their phones. They rush to avoid bringing anything of value to school, in fact. So they skip. They ditch. But don’t let that serve as any sort of excuse. Teach. Give quizzes. And definietly don’t buy any bullshit that comes from them being late on account of the detectors. Just remember, through it all someone should have reminded them that the more valuable thing they’re losing out on is an education, and that’s something that doesn’t set a metal detector off.


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