Day 116 AIM: What should I do if my watch battery dies in class?

Do Now: You are a teacher; therefore, you are a slave to time. Aside from the trees producing toxic fumes that extinguish life as we know it, a watch dying is the worst thing to happen to a classroom. No longer do you have control or knowledge about the time of the period. No longer are you able to plan out specific blocks of time for student activity. You are a slave to the moment, and as zen as that sounds, it’s actually quite terrifying.

Now, unless you’re Sherlock Holmes and you carry a watch in your pocket, you’re probably going to have to resort to your cell phone, which will inevitably produce the warranted response from students: “Mista/Miss, put the phone away. You’re not allowed to have that out!” Students can be snarky little fuckers when they realize that the teacher has committed a common student error. Ah, but don’t let those little bastards get you down. If they do, remind them that you have a college degree. Also remind them that you either have your graduate degree, or that you’re working for it. Also remind them that it’s not a democracy in the classroom in the least bit. You run the show, you need to know the time, and that’s that. And if you have to check a txt from your bff, then that’s the law too.

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