Day 128 AIM: Why aren’t my students coming to class anymore?

Do Now: Be observant. Teachers have to utilize all of their senses, including the all-too-famous sixth one, which we in the industry like to call, teacher intuition. It’s that fuzzy feeling you get when your lesson isn’t going quite right. It’s the force, only it can only inform and not manipulate the situation, which is unfortunate when you’re dealing with a classroom issue. Instead of waving your hand and Obi-Waning some little talkative shit in the corner, you just get the prickles on the hair on your neck, which really isn’t the same. 

But you’ve noticed that your students are coming in fewer numbers, and that’s something even untrained Jedi padawans like us can observe. Well, there are multiple plausible reasons why this may be. It’s late in the semester, so those kids who gave up already gave up. It could also be the month of March itself, which snakes along like an endless tail to a gargantuan monster. But take one look outside, one smell of blossoms in the air, one taste of the air, once frosty now moist with life, and anyone can tell you where your students are: they’re somewhere outside, and it’s almost spring.


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