Day 132 AIM: How can I last to Spring Break?

Do Now: FML. It’s still 5 days until Spring Break, and you just can’t wait for that mojito on the beach. You can hear the Beach Boys already, the sway of palm trees against the warm breeze, the steady roll of the waves. You want nothing more than a beach towel and an excuse to not have excuses. It’s paradise, in its most unadulterated form.

There’s just one problem. You’re still in the suck.

There’s no beaches in the South Bronx, and the closest thing to a mojito you’re going to be sipping is black coffee from the bodega across from your school. Beach Boys? Not if Jay-Z is readily available. That swaying of palm trees is actually the sound of gypsy cabs zooming by, waiting to rip you right off. Oh, and that beach towel isn’t for the beach; it’s to wipe off the nasty shit you got on your pants riding on the 6 this morning. And the only excuses you’ll be hearing are from your students, in regards to why they didn’t do their homework.

Spring break, my friends, is close, but oh so far away.

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