Day 1 Aim: What do I bring with me to the official first day of work?

Well boys and girls, as promised the ULOT is back, and while many distinguished members have moved on to other endeavors some of us still remain in the trenches and are entering year four of teaching. For New York City public school teachers, tomorrow marks the official beginning of the year. Some of us have received communication from our administration about what is in store for tomorrow, while others can only begin to guess. So that begs the question, what the hell do I take with me tomorrow? Well, first round draft pick Ndamukung Suh has some advice for you:

As this great football player says, a hunter only takes with him/her what is needed. So if you want to effectively begin the hunt of the achievement gap, think about what you will need to take down your prey. Note that hunters all have different methods and tools for hunting. While some need elaborate camouflage and weapons, other hunters only need tights with pads in them. So if you need pretty posters and sentence strips, bring em with you to set up. If you feel so daring though, know that you can show up tomorrow armed only with you wit and highly honed teacher instincts.


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