Day 2 Aim: What do I do with only one instructional day this week?

Well, tomorrow it happens. For the past several months those of us who teach in public schools have known that on Wednesday September 8th, 2010 the first day of teaching is also the only day that students are supposed to come into school that week. For days like this I perform a simple test: I put on my old Lakeridge Pacers t-shirt that I should have thrown out after high school, start thinking like I did in high school and ask the question, “Would I go to school?”. I was a good student with a good attendance record and I know that high school me would not go to school on day like tomorrow. I probably would only skip one or two other days in the year, but tomorrow would be one of those days. With that in mind, I know that I need to prepare for an extremely low attendance day tomorrow, and in those situations I follow the advice from Scar in The Lion King, “Be prepared“. I’m walking in tomorrow with a student survey, several icebreakers, an article from the New York Times, and an article about malleable intelligence. I may use all, some, or none of these and just have my kids help make my room look nicer. In other words, have some tricks in your back pocket and be ready to think on your feet.


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