Day 3 Aim: How do I handle my first full week of teaching?

Ok, lets face it, last Wednesday was child’s play compared to what we’ve got this week. It’s the real deal now, 5 straight days in the trenches. Tomorrow we put on our professional teacher persona. As far as our students know, we just spent the past four days sipping tea and reading books about history. Keep that perception up this week and let the kids know you mean business. If they slip one inch, give them the Ari Gold treatment so they know that anything less than 100% in your class is unacceptable.

One more thing, start planning for the weekend. Having something good to look forward to makes the daily battles much more bearable. Then, once that weekend starts, put your Hot-n-fun persona back on and live it up, cause you’ll have earned it by the end of this week.


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