Day 4 Aim: How do I establish routines for myself this year?

Ok, you’ve been through Institute (or some other teacher training program) you know that you need to mind your P-6 on the Teaching as Leadership Rubric and establish time saving procedures for your classroom. If you haven’t started doing this already in your class, get with the program. However, it’s also important at this time of the year that you establish time saving procedures for yourself outside of the classroom for your own sanity. What time do you wake up? What time do you leave to walk through the subway turnstile and see the train just beginning to approach? These are extremely important questions to consider. I can tell you from experience, there is nothing like having your daily coffee given to you without saying a word. Sometimes talking in the morning is just a little to much to handle. Also be mindful of how you use your preps. Get in the habit of being as productive as possible during your prep periods so that you minimize the work you take home. That way you can get in the good healthy routines like cooking a well balanced meal and working out so you can meet your fitness goals.

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