Day 18 Aim: What do I do when a kid calls my class boring?

Seriously? Boring? You? If they only knew how fun you actually were on the weekend. Maybe if you stopped telling them that your weekend plans included sipping tea and watching the history channel they’d know. But wait  a second, they are calling your class boring. How can this be?

What we’ve encountered here is a young mind that has yet to be sparked by intellectual curiosity about a given subject, in my case its history. The fact of the matter is given a choice of activities to undertake for 45 minutes, “learning” for many students may rank below watching paint dry. If a student calls my class boring, I remind them that their current occupation is that of student, and that in life we must work hard if we are to achieve our goals, and often that takes doing some tasks that we consider boring.

If that doesn’t work just say it’s a game and that the first student to find the correct answer gets a super secret prize to be determined later. Congratulations! Here’s your high five!


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