This blog is intended to reflect the experiences of teachers who experience the highs and lows of working in inner-city New York schools. These voices reflect the good and the bad, the frustration and the elation of teaching in these underfunded communities. But they also reflect our lives outside of the classroom which often percolate into our teaching lives, whether intentional or not. And while we are now part of a seemingly mechanical educational system, we cannot be defined as kegs in a greater device. Our lives might be light, but they are also complex. Our own humanity extends to our interests, backgrounds, and passions and they will be addressed within this space as well. And while we have a staff of writers, readers are encouraged to submit pieces or stories as well. This is not our voice, but our voice, and it’s ever-changing.

Editor’s note: The views and ideas within the ULOT are our own and do not necessarily represent the views of Teach for America.